Re: [gardeners] Rain

amler (
Mon, 06 Sep 1999 21:58:08 -0400

Hi Rosemary,

We are way behind on rain here in Charlotte too, almost eight inches.  We
received a little help from tropical storm Dennis, but not enough.  I am
hoping the fall weather is wetter.

I stopped watering the beds as well.  My late summer roses were puny
because of the lack of rain.  I decided not to fertilize the rose beds
through the summer.  Didn't want to stress them out.  I have watered the
azaleas, rhodos and the mountain laurel, but still managed to lose one of
my laurels.

Don't work too hard.

At 12:19 AM 9/6/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Delurking for a minute to say hello to everyone and tell you that, here in
>the hills of eastern KY, we are 7 inches behind on rainfall JUST for the
>summer months. It is sooooo dry here - which is terribly disturbing when one
>lives in the woods! 

Myra Amler
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