Re: [gardeners] No rain...???

penny x stamm (
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 02:12:36 -0400

George,  the only time I've seen 16 inches of water in 24 hours
was the last time i was at Niagara Falls!  Whew.....

Now we just happen to be flat land from our house right to Long
Island Sound -- which of course leads directly into the Atlantic
Ocean. It's only 4 miles away. Ordinarily their waves or winds
don't affect us -- the only thing we are aware of is the fog horn
when the harbor is dangerous for boating. 

However, in the last big hurricane which happened to travel
thru here, maybe 10 years ago -- it was before Hugo in 
Charleston, anyway -- the storm wave picked up one of my
friend's entire garden and took it out to sea! Water traveled
inland for 1/4 mile, and swept away one man who was unable 
to hold on to a lampost. But in spite of this,  we have never
seen 16 inches of rain. The damage came from the sea...

OTOH, this summer, altho we had no rain in  all June and July,
and only 2 inches by Aug.26th, when the thunder storm hit us
last Thursday, we got flooded in four places. And so did all of
our neighbors...  It was supposedly 3 inches in 30 minutes.
You asked about our winter heating bills -- we heat by gas, 
and the ordinary winter temps range in the 20s. We always dip 
down to zero at least once a winter, and have been known to 
sink below that at times. I can't make heads nor tails out of 
Jimmie's Con Ed statistic charts, but of course the price is steep. 
We're 3,000 sq ft., all on one floor. Ranch houses are not energy
efficient, I am told. But with 5 kids and a dog running around in
here, we were thankful for the elbow room.

You and Jimmie need to come visit sometime and see some real flat land
>and some alligators and snakes.
Gee, George, we'll swap you for some racoons and woodchucks. 
Penny, NY

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