Re: [gardeners] Terminator seeds

George Shirley (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:48:29 -0500

margaret lauterbach wrote:
> At 08:48 PM 9/19/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >that's just one aspect, Linda, in addition the terminator seeds can render
> >other healthy crops sterile, and it's a very very sobering and alarming
> >issue.  It's my belief that the terminator seed technology is a concerted
> >effort by agri-dizziness to do away with the small farmer and control our
> >food supply.  There's nothing I've seen to counteract that suspicion,
> >unfortunately.  The other alarming aspect is our USDA, FDA, and EPA has not
> >required companies to label produce, goods or seeds that have been
> >genetically engineered so epidemeological studies, or tracking vectors of
> >disease which may be induced by such tinkering won't be possible.  It's
> >disgusting.
> >
> >Grow organic, trade seeds, go natural!  Trading seeds is especially critical.
> >
> Worse yet, the USDA funded and is a co-patentee of the terminator
> technology. With friends like our government, who needs enemies? People
> call asking for political donations get my message: All political parties
> can take a flying leap. A plague on all their houses. They're doing nothing
> FOR us, they're too busy doing stuff TO us. Margaret L

Uhh, folks, don't want to point any fingers but the terminator seed talk
is degenerating into a political discussion contrary to our charter.
Let's move on to another subject, maybe how to garden in a flood for the
folks in the Carolinas and points further east. ;-)

George Shirley
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