[gardeners] Ripe passion fruit.

Ron Hay (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:53:46 -0700

Good morning, friends.

Our passion fruit is now maturing in abundance, with about 50 1/4-lb
sized fruit on the vine. This is the second year the vine has been in
the ground, and has grown from a 5 gallon pot in April of '98 to a 60'+
vine which grew without any halt in growth the entire time (!).

Las year, we had a couple of small fruit, but I cannot recall if they
were purple when they fell off the vine. This year, they are green,
slightly tinged with purple, when they fall off, turning an
eggplant-purple after about 3-5 days in the house.

Could this green state be due to the fact that our nights have been most
uncharacteristically chilly? My Jewish friends tell me that they have
never experienced such chilly High Holy Days, ever, in Los Angeles.
September and October are usually our very hottest, dryest months. This
morning, however, it was a chilly 53 degrees at 5:30 when we got up to
go to work.

Do any of you in warmer climes have any words of wisdom for me?

Van Nuys, CA