Re: [gardeners] Terminator seeds

margaret lauterbach (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 09:14:48 -0600

>> >
>> Worse yet, the USDA funded and is a co-patentee of the terminator
>> technology. With friends like our government, who needs enemies? People
>> call asking for political donations get my message: All political parties
>> can take a flying leap. A plague on all their houses. They're doing nothing
>> FOR us, they're too busy doing stuff TO us. Margaret L
>Uhh, folks, don't want to point any fingers but the terminator seed talk
>is degenerating into a political discussion contrary to our charter.
>Let's move on to another subject, maybe how to garden in a flood for the
>folks in the Carolinas and points further east. ;-)
>George Shirley
>listowner and guard dog
You're absolutely right, George. Sorry about that.  Have you planted your
fall garden yet? I smell Fall in the air, but our temps are still in the
80s during the day, so I'm soaking up heat, hoping that it will last until
spring, but I know it won't. I hate to mention it, since the easterners are
taking such a beating this year, but our weather is glorious. Best, Margaret