Re: [gardeners] Terminator seeds

George Shirley (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 13:55:28 -0500

margaret lauterbach wrote:
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> >> Worse yet, the USDA funded and is a co-patentee of the terminator
> >> technology. With friends like our government, who needs enemies? People
> >> call asking for political donations get my message: All political parties
> >> can take a flying leap. A plague on all their houses. They're doing nothing
> >> FOR us, they're too busy doing stuff TO us. Margaret L
> >
> >Uhh, folks, don't want to point any fingers but the terminator seed talk
> >is degenerating into a political discussion contrary to our charter.
> >Let's move on to another subject, maybe how to garden in a flood for the
> >folks in the Carolinas and points further east. ;-)
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> >George Shirley
> >listowner and guard dog
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> You're absolutely right, George. Sorry about that.  Have you planted your
> fall garden yet? I smell Fall in the air, but our temps are still in the
> 80s during the day, so I'm soaking up heat, hoping that it will last until
> spring, but I know it won't. I hate to mention it, since the easterners are
> taking such a beating this year, but our weather is glorious. Best, Margaret

We are having unseasonably cool weather already. Temps having been
running high fifties to low sixties at night for the last couple of
weeks and then up into eighties during the daytime hours. The sun angle
is fast approaching the winter angle as the sun has started peeking
through the southern patio door again. Sleepy Dawg is following it
across the six foot span of the door and keeps looking for it further
out into the family room.

Frankly, my dear, we're still leery of planting too much of the fall
garden due to the afternoon heat and the lack of rain. We're actually
still under a ban on outside watering. We're making do with the herbs
and the flowers, most of which aren't adversely affected by the drought.

Yes, the eastern states have been catching the dickens lately. The
Cantrells came through the flooding okay and I will let Bambi tell the
story once she gets back online completely. Miz Anne's relatives in the
Charleston area are okay and she has been in touch with them. Nature
tends to catch up in ways we humans least expect. I'm gonna quit
complaining about the drought just in case.