Re: [gardeners] more to come...

penny x stamm (
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 00:50:07 -0400

Yes, Margaret, and the rivers in North Carolina haven't
crested yet!  We're due for fresh rain coming from the
west, starting by morning.  I tremble. . . 

We expect to start digging down to search for a  certain
pipe just as soon as I am willing to tear out my large annual 
flower bed.  Jim says he'll start with a 3x3x3.5 ft hole, 
and if we don't find the pipe, he'll continue. I told him he
might as well dig it 3x6x3.5 -- after all, he's almost 78 years
old, and only a maniac would undertake this..... 

Penny, NY zone 6, getting cooler.....

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