[gardeners] Re: more rain to come...

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 18:58:40 -0400

Hi, Jane -- we're just in the door from 4 days in mid-Pennsylvania. 
Seems to me that they have it perhaps 5 degrees warmer than we
do here by the coast, for their flowers are still gorgeous...  

I was taken to a special garden nursery by our cousin,  where the owner
walked us around for two hours and pointed out his passionate favorites.
What an experience!  He has a warm, moist, tall greenhouse in which he
has many unknown orchids, one more beautiful than the other. Stuffed in
there in profusion are dozens of sub-tropical, mature and magnificent 
plants, including yellow bamboo and species or cultivars of every sort
which the average gardener willl never have come across..  One can 
barely maneuver down the isles.

Outside he has a strange way of displaying his plants. Nothing is laid
out in rows. Without a guide dog you could never find some specimen 
he told you was out there. Every which way he turned he came across
another gem tucked in amongst gems -- his love for the entire inventory
cannot be measured..  If I had had a van or station wagon, I could easily
have spent a mighty fortune with some of the larger pieces. Instead, as
a thank-you for his wonderful time well spent, I only bought four plants,
and the bill came to next to nothing. Their pricing system is about half
what I must pay in the New York suburbs:

Taxus bacata adpressa `fowls'
Champis squarossa lilea
Geranium Centennial
perennial blood grass, about 4 ft tall, with upright silver sheaths, and
	tall leaves just now turning red

Anybody who lives anywheres near to Reading, Penna., and wishes to 
go have a look, just message me. 
Jimmie is waiting until I give the word that I am willing to clear out
big annual flower bed, so he can start digging for that deep drainage
pipe.  There's too much still happily in full bloom for me to give the ok
as yet. To my amazement, as I was unloading the car, I took the time
to deadhead 5 very tall dahlia flowers -- and guess what...? I got 
stung. I was shocked! I haven't been stung in years and years -- great
big black bumble bees semed to be drinking at some of the dahlias, but
I certainly think it was something else which got me, for the sting spot
is not too sore. There's no sign of a stinger, which should help identify

the culprit, I think. 
When we were in Florrisant, Colorado, in July  9 years ago, for a week,
it rained twice a day very hard but quickly. What time of year do you
normally get your rain..?  You probably enjoyed having it now, even if
it is unusual. Rain (in moderation) is such a refresher...

Penny, NY zone 6

On Tue, 21 Sep 1999 05:34:41 -0600 "Jane Burdekin"
<burdekij@BVSD.K12.CO.US> writes:
>Good luck with your digging and draining, and with the rain to come.  
>has even been raining here in Colorado, not a normal thing.  I have to 
>going on bringing in my outdoor plants, it is getting down to 40 
>here at night.  
>> From: penny x stamm <pennyx1@Juno.com>
>> To: gardeners@globalgarden.com
>> Subject: [gardeners] Re: more rain to come...
>> Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 1:10 AM
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>> No, BSK, the pipe is standard "clay drainage pipe". When 
>> there is heavy rain, it backs up and fills the cellar drain well, 
>> then floods over an 8" sill right into the workshop. Ugghh...
>> This has only been happening for the past two years, since we
>> sealed off one of the pipes buried under the big back lawn 
>> because our neighbor was screaming about our water going in 
>> to his basement.  No question but that we must undo this...  The
>> civil law says that no one may prevent water from traveling down
>> from a higher elevation onto one's property. Measures have to be 
>> taken to make it workable, however. We may have to dig a trench 
>> the whole 126 ft across the back of the property, to spread out the 
>> water as it reaches there in a storm. And because of the fine
>> plantings 3 ft in from that stone wall,   it would have to be dug by
>> hand. Not a jolly thought.
>> Penny, NY zone 6
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