Re: [gardeners] OT Earthquake in Southern California

penny x stamm (
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 23:44:08 -0400

Hi there, Ron -- I can't find Van Nuys or Ludlow on my idiot
Atlas -- just where are you located..?

We're all thankful that this temblor was centered way out in the desert.
The only two problems which we've found were in one house where
the aquarium turned over, and the poor fish died; and at another
house, where the swimming pool water rose up like a tidal wave, and
sluiced forward over their 500 roses, effects as yet unknown. Our 
friends in Prescott, Az, felt it worse than their parents in West
I am always relieved  when the folks report in...... and I certainly can
understand your priorities!

Here on the east coast, we are feverishly preparing for our next
hurricane, Irene. We never know what will be spared when that 
dreadfully heavy rain comes over and the winds blow like crazy,
but we do know that we can expect water inside the workshop, all
over again. Drats!!!!  Everything's up off the floor on 2x4's this time,
but the mopping takes forever...  

Once again, Ron, glad you're safe!

Penny, NY 

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