Re: [gardeners] OT Earthquake in Southern California

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 20:10:13 -0400

It is very humid and warm here, Jane and I'm having trouble
imagining anyone having to shovel snow!!
What a difference a few miles makes!
Of course, dodging hurricanes in Oct isn't a lot of
fun either.  :-)

Coastal Carolina

>I'm glad you are all ok.  That was quite a rocking you got, 7.0. 
>Priorities for sure, I think our garden is about gone even tho I covered
>some things, judging from the 4 inches I just shoveled off the walk.  It's
>good I had yesterday off and worked on the yard and garden all day.  Good
>luck to all.
>Jane (off to find those seed catalogs)
>zone 5 Colorado
>> From: Ron Hay <>
>> To:
>> Subject: [gardeners] OT Earthquake in Southern California
>> Date: Saturday, October 16, 1999 11:48 AM
>> Good morning, friends! I am happy to report that we escaped unscathed
>> from the 7.0 temblor that struck in the desert about 130ish miles east
>> of here. We were rudely awakened by a long (30-40 seconds) rolling
>> motion that caused the house to creak and groan, lamps to sway, and us
>> to be terrified.
>> Vivian and I held on to each other for dear life as our wires arced, and
>> the transformer on the next block to the south of us arced and sparked
>> in a blue blaze, followed by blackness. Our power remained off until
>> 7:35, at which time we had to reset all the clocks and timers. God knows
>> when some of us need practice for time change Sunday!!!
>> No cracks, no broken glass, no gas leaks...and our garden wall did not
>> crush our precious garden. Let's hear it for priorities!
>> We continue to thank God for His many mercies.
>> Ron
>> Van Nuys, CA