Re: [gardeners] OT Earthquake in Southern California

penny x stamm (
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 22:49:24 -0400

Bambi, you must be getting doused by now from Hurricane
Irene -- have you even finished making your repairs from
Floyd..?? We were not personally flooded in the streets, but
the basement workshop went under water, and sure as sin, it
will do it again this coming week, as Irene creeps north. Most
of our local streets were closed this week from the 50mph winds
we caught  from the west. Great old trees drop like match sticks.
I always wonder how come they survived the last 100 years up
to now...? 

Humidity today felt like 100%, and it was too warm for sweaters. 
I can feel the barometer dropping -- rather ominous sensation. 
Just think:  it's only 8 months till summer.. 

I do hope you will suffer minimum damage..!

Penny, NY

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