Re: [gardeners] Merry Christmas!

Allen and Judy Merten (
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 17:37:46 -0600

Hi Penny,
    Durn!! 5 lbs. of quick cooking grits is pretty nice. We didn't get
anything like that. Judy got some Godiva chocolate instead. Grits are
great stuff, what 'cha gonna do with Godiva Chocolate at breakfast?
    Hope Jim shakes that cold pretty soon. He's had it a long time now.
Judy and I got over ours. She was sick about 6 days, me only 3.
    Here's hoping everyone had a safe and fulfilling Christmas. We
certainly did.
    Judy and I are heading outside in a few minutes to see if the plasma
trail from the shuttle is visible. It was spectacular in July.
Bastrop Co.
SE Central Tx.

penny x stamm wrote:

> .
> Hello, Bambi -- and to be sure, a wonderful holiday week is
> what we wish you, too!
> We had to isolate ourselves from the family because Jimmie has
> a miserable cold -- such bad timing!  But we did get long and
> cheery telephone calls from the scattered kids,

> and the most fascinating one of all, a 5-lb package of quick
> cooking grits from our nephew and bride down in Atlanta ....
> Who could ask for anything more....?
> Happy Holiday to all ---
> Penny, NY