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Martha (
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 20:53:15 -0800

Rising out of lurkdom....You can still get the bubble lights at  My brother got me a gift from there and I saw 
them in the catalog that came with it.  They have a lot of really cool stuff!

At 07:39 AM 12/27/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Allen and Judy Merten wrote:
> >
> > Harry,
> >     Your my kind of guy. That's the kind of decorations that I like too. We
> > always have a fresh cut tree that we go look for just like the old 
> days. I wish
> > I had some candle lights, remember the old kind that bubbled? I want 
> some of
> > those.
>I've got some, saved from my childhood. They're early fifties style or
>late forties, forget which. Only problem is is that the wire fixture is
>shot and we can't find one to match. The bulb base is smaller than the
>standard tree light. Included in the string are bulb covers shaped like
>cardinals, only three of those left and five of the candle lights.
>Anyone spots a wiring setup that will fit let me know.
> >     Most years we put out over a thousand outdoor lights. We have 30-40 ft.
> > Eastern Red Cedars growing along our lane. We usually decorate 5 of 
> them like
> > Christmas trees, lights, garland, ornaments, etc.
> >     The last year before I hurt my back we had the entire house out 
> lined with
> > colored lights, roof, windows, doors, everything. Our kids said it 
> looked like a
> > Griswold Christmas. It took 3 thousand chase lights that year. I hurt 
> my back
> > the week after Christmas, got the screws and rods. So now if I decorate an
> > outside tree it has to be the Charlie Brown type Cedar trees. 
> (:-{  It's just
> > not the same.
> >     Allen
> >     Bastrop Co.
> >     SE Central Tx.
>But you still have the concept and the fun of the holiday Allen. Lots of
>us with aging handicaps don't do the things we did when our families
>were young but the feelings are still there and those massed lights are
>still there in your mind and heart. Merry Christmas.

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