Re: [gardeners] Callaway Gardens

George Shirley (
Sun, 09 Jan 2000 09:22:22 -0600

Fred and Melody wrote:
> Hi everybody,
>      Thanks for the welcome, especially George and Margaret.  And welcome to
> the new gardeners.
>      It was so nice and warm here yesterday that I jumped on my bicycle and
> rode the two miles to Callaway Gardens.  In the conservatories was the
> fragrance of thousands of paperwhite narcissus and color from cyclamen, mums
> and amaryllis.  The big, pure white amaryllis were especially beautiful.
> They also have a big , glass butterfly center which is filled with all sorts
> of tropical plants and butterflies, a couple of waterfall-type fountains,
> and even a few tropical birds.  The only bird I saw yesterday, though, was a
> hummingbird with a neon-purple throat.
>      Also went shopping yesterday and noticed that the stores around here
> are getting in their seed starting supplies.  The prices would probably be
> prohibitive for anyone not obsessed with seed starting, but I can only guess
> about that.
> Come on Springtime !
> Fred

We can one up that. Walmart Super Store already has bedding plants in
stock. Can't imagine how they're going to keep them from freezing as
they are in an outdoor area. I don't buy their plants as we had bad luck
with them a couple of times.