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Martha Brown (
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My grandmother used them around her tomatoes  from the time I was
just a toddler until she passed away at age 97 in 1983.  My Dad
always used them and I have used them.  Too much heat was never a
problem.  Grandma always wanted rusted cans so they wouldn't
reflect the heat away from the plant.

They not only protect from wind (a breeze in Oklahoma in the
spring is anything less than 25mph)  but from critters like
cutworms as long as they aren't inside the can area when you
place it around the plant.  A few times I was busy on the farm
and didn't get the cans off before the tomatoes got pretty big so
just left them.  That didn't seem to hurt the plant or the
production.  It actually lets you plant tender things earlier.
Some people leave the end partially attached just pull it out so
it sticks up.  Then you can close it down when a frost is
predicted.  I never did it that way because I didn't want the
sharp edge sticking up.

M Brown
NW Oklahoma, USA
USDA Zone 6b,  Sunset Zone 35

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| Hi, Martha -- That's something i can easily do, asking for the
| gallon veggie containers at the school.  Thanks for the idea!
| Would you think that they might capture and retain too much
| heat around the seedlings..?  I wonder..
| Penny, NY
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