Re: [gardeners] Friday in the Garden

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sun, 16 Jan 2000 04:41:58 -0600

Hi Penny,
    Yesterday was another balmy day here in Central Texas. We went to
my Dad's farm 44 miles east of us. We were in short sleeves all day. My
Dad and brother Bill made hamburgers on the grill on the back patio.
Later we all sat on the front deck with coffee and brownies. My 5 year
old niece and a friend played outside in short sleeves. We watched the
birds at the feeders, the kids playing, the dogs snoozing in the sun.
The 7 adults were catching up on the news in each others lives, and
reminisce about the past. My brother Bill and his wife Carole, Mom and
Dad, Judy and I, and my Dad's lifelong best friend Rocky enjoyed the
company, the weather, homemade brownies, the relaxing conversations.
    My mother has recovered almost completely from the emotional and
mental difficulties the trauma from the fall and broken arm caused. The
fall greatly aggravated her Parkinson's. Mama was sharp as a razor
Saturday. She was as quick witted as she has been for years. She
understood all that was said. No confusion or emotional upset from all
of us being there. It was a blessing to experience.
    Later, Dad and I dug up some hybrid blackberry vines to transplant
on our place. They are called Brazos Berries, big, black, sweet, and
prolific, these berries make great pies and jams.
    Here is a good example of how nice the weather has been this
January. Rocky went fishing in one of the stock tanks earlier in the
week. Fishing for 45 minutes one day he caught 14 Black Bass. The next
day on two casts he caught 2 really big Bass. The last one broke his
lure so he released both fish and came home. He is living in my
grandmothers old farm house, helping my dad get back and forth to his
cancer treatments. It's almost 90 miles round trip. Rocky's wife died
last year. He couldn't stand to stay on their place after she passed
away, so he sold out. He was knocking around the country in his RV when
he decided that Dad needed his help more than he needed to travel about
fishing. Rocky and Dad got Grandma's old house in livable condition and
Rocky moved in. My mother was in the rehabilitation center recovering
from her broken arm and severe Parkinson's symptoms related to the
trauma from the fall. Rocky was a blessing for Dad. The whole family
loves Rocky. We have known him since we were small kids. Back home he
and Dad worked together for over 25 years. We attended church together
for years also.
    Back to the garden today. I have more onions to plant and more
ground to prepare.
    Like our Garden Guru says; "Life is good". Indeed it is.
Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
Zone 8

penny x stamm wrote:

> Allen -- we're at  -2 degrees right now, with the wind-chill.  Zone
> 6.....
> This is mulled cider weather..!
> Penny
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