[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 09 Feb 2000 16:26:56 -0600

Got in from work about 0930 this morning and went out and cut the
broccoli again. This about 6 or 7 times we've cut the side heads since
the main heads were harvested. Gave some to a friend who happened by and
we will eat the rest with our supper tonight, what we didn't eat raw for

Swiss chard needs cutting again so reckon it will be our supper tomorrow
night. I'm amazed that no bugs have eaten up or greens or cabbage this
year. Not a bug hole one and it didn't even get that cold. Of course the
mockingbirds worked around in the garden quite a bit and we have been
liberally using Bt for the last three years. Maybe we've eliminated some
of the cabbage loopers and other worms.

I'm getting antsy and wanting to plant something, the weather has been
into the high seventies and not below 40 for a few days now and that is
the forecast for the next several days. I had Miz Anne hide the seeds so
I wouldn't rush things. <VBG> She did go out day before yesterday and
plant some garden peas. Her dad grew them up in Southern Maryland and we
both like them but we never get any to make down here. I think it's
hopeless but she continues to try. Now I'm hoping with her as I noticed
they were sprouting in the ground when I checked earlier.

We each had a fresh Yellow Pear tomato with our lunch. Yup, the plant in
the greenhouse produced two of 'em and we et 'em. Those along with
broccoli and some peppers from the plant in the greenhouse made a nice
lunch. Noticed that two of my Thai Hot chiles had survived so far and
were already blooming! May not have to plant any this year as two 4 foot
tall bushes will produce plenty. I have a couple of seedlings up just in
case though.

Ran my chiles that were fermenting for sauce through the new
squeezer/strainer we just bought. Now I have a nice thick sauce of the
meat and juice of the chiles but no skins or seeds. Think this years hot
sauce is going to be excellent and I really like the strainer. Hopefully
I will be able to strain the chiles prior to putting them in the crock
when I start a new batch, that will make it nice. Looks like it will
work really good with squash, berries, tomatoes, etc too.

The phalenopsis orchids we keep in the house are blooming. We have one
bloom now and three more bloom stalks that look like they may have 4 or
5 blooms coming on. They are really nice as the blooms last a long time.
Our daughter salvaged them at a nursery in the Houston area. They were
marked half-price and were sad looking but Miz Anne brought them back
with her green thumb. We're both itching to go back into orchid culture
but are successfully resisting so far. Way to much time and effort would
be involved.

Life is good.