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<<  She did go out day before yesterday and
 plant some garden peas. Her dad grew them up in Southern Maryland and we
 both like them but we never get any to make down here. I think it's
 hopeless but she continues to try. Now I'm hoping with her as I noticed
 they were sprouting in the ground when I checked earlier. >>

We are able to get peas each spring with no problems. Usually they get 
planted in October and again in January or early Feb, depending on the cold.  
Sometimes they get frosted or even frozen, but we always get at least one 
meals worth of peas from a plot that otherwise would end up bare.  Course 
this past year I could not find any seed for that fall planting and it is 
already getting to late to try them now.  Who knows I might try again anyway. 
 We can always eat the pods if it gets to hot to soon.

As for Orchids mine are also ready to bloom.  I can't wait!  The blooms last 
about a month long.  My phalenopsis orchids usually stay on the back porch, 
but are inside right now due to the cold nights we have been having.  I hope 
the humidity stays right, since we don't have any heat to dry them out.  

Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26

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