[gardeners] Gardening in Bastrop Co.

Allen Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 21:58:50 -0600

Hi Gardeners,
    I am just now getting around to describing where we garden. The old
timers have heard me talk about our garden till they could scream.(;-} I'll
take this opportunity to tell the newbies.
    We are located in Bastrop Co., SE Central Texas, some 40 odd miles east
of Austin. Our soil is sandy loam, slightly acidic, rich, and a joy to work.
    We get 36.8 inches of rain on the average. Last two years haven't been
average, much below.
    We began gardening in January & Feb. with onions, cabbage, broccoli,
cauliflower, Collards, turnips, carrots, lettuce & potatos. We plant, in
March, tomatos, peppers, sweet corn, cucumbers, dill, green, yellow wax,
pinto, and butter beans, squash, watermelons, cantaloupes. Our last
plantings are in May and June, peanuts, sweet potatos, pumpkins & okra;
second plantings of watermelons, cantaloupes, squash, cucumbers, dill, sweet
corn, snap beans, carrots, peppers, & cherry tomatos.
    We try to have a fall garden. The last two years have been too hot and
dry to attempt one. The fall garden would be a repeat of the cool season
crops and some quick maturing warm seasons ones.
    We can tomatos, salsa, pickles, peppers, squash, etc.
Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
Zone 8