[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 25 Mar 2000 20:27:56 -0600

Didn't leave the property today except to go to the library and then
dropped by a friends house. He had called early this am about some pots
he had for me. We had a nice visit in the coolth of the morning out on
his patio with a bracing cup of Dark Roast Community Coffee, the
national coffee of Louisiana.

Back here I went out to pick some chard and lettuce to make myself a
salad for lunch and got carried away. Ended up picking lots of chard and
had to blanch and freeze a lot of it. I must say this has been a
terrific year for chard. The leaves are huge and, best of all, no bug
damage. It is still producing with no sign of bolting so I will leave it
there for the time being even though I have that row earmarked for

This the third year we haven't tilled the garden and the soil is still
nice and crumbly with lots of organic matter and lots of earth worms. If
we have a squash borer problem this year I will till this winter, if
not, on with the Stout method.

Made my salad with Oak Leaf and Red Sails lettuce, some chard, Sorrel,
leaf celery, salad burnet, a pepper out of the greenhouse and a
greenhouse tomato. Very tasty along with the 4 oz steak I cooked to go
with it. Had a diet caffeine free coke to go along. I can hardly stay
awake as I am now only allowed one cup of coffee with caffeine a day and
no other caffeine. Doc seems to think it will stabilize my heart beat.
Damn! I do miss my caffeine though, I just kind of nod off during the

Gotta go and finish cleaning the kitchen.

Life is still good, even without caffeine.