Re: [gardeners] gardening happenings in Bastrop Co.

Allen Merten (
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 10:02:18 -0600

    First, thanks to all for the kind thoughts. You are a great bunch. What
else would one expect from people that are close to Mother Earth?
    The results from the last visit to the Doc's was to double all the pain
medication and to start physical therapy, change the steroid injections from
the lumbar discs to the cervical discs. The rapid impairment in the use of
my arms and hands had them muttering to each other over in the corner, while
occasionally glancing my way. They got real quite when they couldn't get any
reflex in my right arm and right leg. They sure were banging heck out of
them with that rubber hammer. Then they brought out that spur and ran it up
and down my arm and leg. They finally quit when they started leaving tracks.
    Don't worry, it ain't gonna get me down. I might need some help getting
out there one of these days. But I still got my green thumbs, and callus' on
my knees. (;-}