Re: [gardeners] gardening happenings in Bastrop Co.

George Shirley (
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 10:10:03 -0600

Allen Merten wrote:
> Hi Margaret,
>     The doctor said that the only light at the end to the tunnel was the
> train. The inevitable will eventually happen. I will be mobility challenged
> I believe is the politically correct term. I'm going to get a wheel chair
> with wide tires, chain drive and at least 7 hp, when that time comes.(;-}
>     I have a physical therapist coming 13 miles out here to BFE so that they
> can work on my hands and arms. Tomorrow, the 30th, I get the steroid
> injections in my cervical discs. Boy, I'm looking forward to that!! (:-{
>     Mean while, I am indeed still H&K gardening.
>     I was given 5 packs of Basil seeds, Greek Miniature, Lettuce Leaf,
> Sacred Purple Holy, Siam Queen Thai, Thai Lemon Basil.
>     Somebody, please tell me what these things look like and what to expect.
> Flowers? Color of flowers? Are the plants ugly or attractive? How do I use
> these basils?
>     Heading for the garden before it reaches 90*.
> Allen
> Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
> Zone 8

Allen, all of your basils are culinary herbs, can be used fresh or dried
in cooking. It's best not to let them go to seed if you want to keep
pinching leaves all summer. Just pinch the bloom heads off as they
appear. I wouldn't mix the lemon flavored with the others though as you
will end up with some wonky tasting basil IMHO.