Re: [gardeners] gardening happenings in Bastrop Co.

Penny Nielsen (
Fri, 31 Mar 2000 08:18:39 -0400

Hi Allen - I really admire your attitude and determination.  You truly fit the term 'real gardener'.  I sincerely hope you get relief from your next treatment Allen.

Your situation reminded me of my 78 year old neighbour.  The other day I was home with the flu and looked out the kitchen window and could see him in his back yard lying on the ground beside one of his flower beds.  He had a stroke several years ago and, as he says, his legs don't want to listen to his head.  It takes him hours to do what my DH or I can do in 10 minutes, but that doesn't deter him.  After several minutes he was still lying on the ground. I could see he was trying to get up but couldn't.   I assumed his wife was lying down or something (she'll be 80 this year).  Finally I threw on my coat and went to help him.  I really hesitated because I know how independant he is, but was concerned that he'd catch pneumonia lying on the cold, damp ground.  Managed to convince and get him over to the stairs to his deck so he could rest and regain his balance, etc.  Looked out half an hour later and sure enough he was at it again.

He can no longer turn his veggie garden.  Its no easy task as he dumps his compostables directly on it all winter rather than putting them in the compost bin.  No wonder we have so many huge crows and starlings around.  DH turned it for him last spring and will have to do it again.  He had hired a teenager but he did such a poor job of it DH had to do it over again.  So now I think DH will have another garden to till each spring.  But, that's what good neighbours are for.  And they reciprocate in so many other ways.

My prayers are with you Allen.

Penny in Halifax, Nova Scotia where its so foggy I can't see across the harbour

 He >>> 03/31/00 02:36AM >>>
Hi All,
    The steroid injections went much better than anticipated. Several people
told me that is the way it had been for them, but I anticipated much worse.
Slept last night from 1:30 AM to 3:15 AM. The worse part was that I couldn't
have anything to drink after 2:30. So, no coffee to keep me company. (;-}
    I will get the other two sets of injections. I was near pain/trouble
free with my arms and hands until about 6 PM. I sure hope that after the 3rd
session, the relief will last longer.
    I did manage to putter around in the garden long enough to plant 6
Celebrity tomatos, 4 jalapenos, the last 2 Bertha Bell plants, and 3
tomatillos that I had started from seed.
    I think I'm done now with tomatos. I still need to plant yellow wax
beans, yellow squash, Zucchini, and melons.
    Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and prayers.
Bastrop Co., SE Central Texas
Zone 8