Re: [gardeners] steroid injections

penny x stamm (
Sat, 8 Apr 2000 02:14:49 -0400

Allen, a few years ago I also had "deep massage" on the
doctor's orders, which consisted of the therapist digging her
elbow into my sore spots as hard as she could manage. I 
think she called it "Swedish massage". 

I got so black and blue that the doctor pulled me out of there! 

The theory was that if someone could cause a temporary 
intense pain at a sore spot, then the pain would be eliminated
permanently. I think they're insane......

How many of these punishing visits will you have to make?
And by now, at this hour, have you felt some relief you could
say came from the massaging..?  

No matter what, you know we wish you well.

Penny, NY

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