Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

Ron Hay (
Tue, 02 May 2000 16:58:04 -0700

penny x stamm wrote:

> Ron, enjoy spring?  Last night we had a freeze warning. Some of
> my daffodils still have not formed their heads!  Furnace is on,
> electric blankets at night. Jimmie was rototilling today in his winter
> mackinaw . . .
> But I can dream, can't I ....?
> Penny, NY
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OOOOPS! Sorry, Penny, I had not been watching East Coast weather, which is
rather uncharacteristic for me, since my family lives on Long Island. I
guess I've forgotten how mercurial weather can be in  your part of the
world at this time of year.

Ours has been mercurial as well, from 65 to 92 for daily highs within one

I had an attack of pelargonium fever and stopped by the Green Arrow on the
way home and bought 5 new pellies, from dark purple to pink to peach. I
have really become infatuated with them, and now have 12 different
varieties both in the ground and in pots of various sizes. I just have to
keep on top of those @)*^% tobacco bud worms!

I am thinking warm thoughts:)