Re: [gardeners] Louisiana lightning

George Shirley (
Thu, 04 May 2000 08:35:29 -0500

On a clear, cool spring night with the windows open I can hear the UP
trains crossing the many street crossings north of me. I really like the
sound but it spooks my wife some, she starts awake and swears I'm
smiling in my sleep. Sirens are a different story, wake me straight up
with the hair standing up on my neck.

George, who knows Bob's not his grandfather or Bob would have been dead
for more than 50 years. <VBG>

Bob Kirk wrote:
> > From: George Shirley <>
> > Subject: [gardeners] More rain
> >
> > Was rudely awakened at 0102 this morning by a monstrous blast of thunder
> > and the night sky was lit up by the subsequent lightning bolt.....
>    Even the lightning is laid-back: the South, you gotta love it (sorry,
> George). For no reason I can discern, this reminds me of hearing train
> whistles on dull, muggy afternoons back home - not even the Union Pacific
> at the south edge of town but specifically Santa Fe trains coming down from
> the broken prairie north or crossing the Smoky Hill River a few blocks SW
> of where I grew up, which means I couldn't have been more than 7-8 years
> old because that was when they quit running.
>   In other words, at least a few years before I'd ever heard of any such
> thing as reincarnation or even US geography for that matter - and telling
> other people (who certainly don't remember), something like "I remember
> that they sounded like that on the Gulf Coast."
>    bk---
> not claiming to be George's grandfather or anything, still thinks
> train whistles are spookier even than most people think they are.