Re: [gardeners] NZ Spinach = Malabar spinach?

David G. Smith (
Wed, 31 May 2000 12:55:38 -0400

> Nope, Malabar and NZ spinach are two different plants. NZ spinach, at
least for
> me, is a sprawler with triangular shaped, fleshy leaves. From what I've
read of
> it it has been grown in the US since about 1750. It has greenish gray
> that is fleshy. I dry a lot of it for use in soups and stews over the
winter and
> eat it as greens all year. It reseeds readily but doesn't become a
nuisance as
> it is easy to spot and pull. One plant covers about 3 feet squared for us
> provides all the greens we need or want. We also direct seed it or,
rather, let
> it reseed itself.
> George

Funny thing about that NZ spinach for us.  I planted it twice last year and
had very poor germination -- ended up with two plants altogether (which was
more than enough.)  This year I didn't plant it at all and it's coming up
everywhere.  I guess I'll let one stay.