Re: [gardeners] Holly tree in SoCal?

Ron Hay (
Sun, 11 Jun 2000 13:03:29 -0700

Hello, Carol,

Here in our yard in Van Nuys we have a Japanese holly growing that is about
15' tall, doubtless planted by the previous (Japanese) owner. It has black
berries and tiny white flowers and is an extremely vigorous plant, which we
may or may not decide to keep, since it is beginning to encroach on our
Bearss lime. We will decide that question later this year.

I see no reason why holly trees of one sort or another cannot flourish here.


"Carol J. Bova" wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I have a slightly odd question for you.. is it possible to have a 40'
> high holly tree in Southern California?  The garden sites I checked talk
> about it as a southeastern tree, but say nothing about it as a
> southwestern tree.
> When I bought my 1928 house in February, I was told the tree was a white
> oak and endangered, and had to stay where it was. This meant I'd have to
> remove a palm tree in front of it because there wasn't room for both.
> There were no branches until 10-15 ft. up, so I didn't pay it much
> attention.
> We finally finished moving in mid-May, and this weekend, I started
> looking at the sucker growth all over the lower part of the tree to see
> what I had to do to clean it up, and realized... it's no oak! (I should
> have realized sooner, because there were dead spiny leaves that weren't
> decomposing all over the front yard.) The leaves are only 1-1/2 inches
> long by about 1 inch wide, with 12 tiny holly type spines around the
> margin and one at the tip of the leaf. They are not as shiny as the
> hollies I knew back East, and a little rounder. Could it be something
> else I don't know about yet?
> Thanks for any input!
>         Carol
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