Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden (written a day later)

George Shirley (
Mon, 03 Jul 2000 08:47:22 -0500

penny x stamm wrote:
> George, I'm a bit confused. And I am interested.
> Are you going to lay ceramic tiles in your new garage?
> Or is Sam going to tile his entire house?

No, my garage will have the standard concrete floor it has now as a carport. I'm
lucky in that I only have to put in two walls and garage doors. One wall is the
wall of the house where the back door is. Sam and I, with the help of one of his
sons, have already vinyl tiled the bedroom hallway and all three bathrooms. The
bedrooms have nearly new carpeting and will be left alone. We're going to
ceramic tile about half the house, large den, kitchen, dining room, formal
parlor (Sam's office now) and the hallway that connects them. We will buy all
the tile at once to get it all from the same lot and then lay it as time permits
and as we can get his wife to okay moving furniture out of a room for two or
three days. <VBG>

> As for Jimmie's garden, it now contains two artichoke plants,
> 6 tomatoes which were given to us, two he-doesn't-know-which
> either string beans or snap peas, and two mammoth
> rudbeckias.  The artichoke is the love of our lives, for we live in
> zone 6 bordering on zone 5.5, and such frivolity has always been
> denied us before!  Of course yes, I do have a pineapple growing
> right in my shrubbery border, another phenomenon.  The
> rudbeckias are a complete mystery. I temporarily moved them out
> of the big flower bed into the veggie garden last April -- they were
> the only thing showing besides two gladioli which had survived
> the winter, and jim wanted to rototill.  Now I do not plant perennials.
> I only plant annuals. And even if i did plant perennials, I would never
> choose anything quite so huge as these things have become!  They
> have extra large Kodak-yellow flower petals with a dark brown
> center, on tall stalks.  Tell me, is a black-eyed Susan a rudbeckia...?
> Bottom line, cannot imagine where they came from!  I'm looking for
> a happy home for them.
> On Monday we are expecting a giant storm. Already 4 tractor-trailers
> have been overturned along the way...  Oh, dear --  we only got
> 36 plants in today, and have about 96 more to go. We'll never catch up,
> never.  And Jim has a garage full of seed which he will never get in
> the ground, either. What a strange summer this will  turn out to be!
> Penny, NY