Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden (written a day later)

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Tue, 4 Jul 2000 00:10:00 -0400

Laying ceramic tile in my foyer and bathroom is one
of the things that I have done this spring.  I had no experience
at all at it, but I watched my step brother and step father
put some down in Mom's and Jim's house, and Jim and
and Mom came over and helped me do it.  It was interesting,
since I had never done it before, but Jim did an excellent job
of cutting the tile (his son has his own construction business,
so we borrowed his tile cutter) and I laid the tile myself after we
put the new flooring down in preparation.  It looks good if I say
so myself. :-)  It's a beige 12" tile and sure makes the whole
area look much nicer.
Good luck with your home improvements George!  Sounds
like an ambitious undertaking!

On a gardening note, I'll pick my first 3 tomatoes tomorrow
on July the 4th.  I usually pick my first ones on that date, but,
earlier this year, I was afraid I wouldn't have any by then, but I
Between helping some with Mom and Jim's new house
and their move,
my daughter's surgery, school being out,  doing some
repairs here, working, and still doing recovery work
in my gardens from last years floods, I am happy to
be getting 3 tomatoes tomorrow!  I noticed tonight
too that my tomato and pepper seeds I just planted
a few days ago are up now too.  :-)  It's awfully late
to be starting them from seed, but I'll see what happens.

Coastal Carolina

>No, my garage will have the standard concrete floor it has now as a
carport. I'm
>lucky in that I only have to put in two walls and garage doors. One wall is
>wall of the house where the back door is. Sam and I, with the help of one
of his
>sons, have already vinyl tiled the bedroom hallway and all three bathrooms.
>bedrooms have nearly new carpeting and will be left alone. We're going to
>ceramic tile about half the house, large den, kitchen, dining room, formal
>parlor (Sam's office now) and the hallway that connects them. We will buy
>the tile at once to get it all from the same lot and then lay it as time
>and as we can get his wife to okay moving furniture out of a room for two
>three days. <VBG>