[gardeners] The tomatoes have started rolling in!

Ron Hay (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 08:20:37 -0700

Good morning, friends.

This past weekend we harvested a goodly number of sugar-sweet Sungolds
and Yellow Pears, which are two of the sweetest tomatoes we have ever
tasted. We probably got a good quart from the 4 plants, with many
flowers and maturing fruit still left:)

The real star of this year's show, so far, is Black Krim. The plants are
simply loaded with half-pound and larger fruit. The ones we have enjoyed
so far are a wonderfully unique salty-sweet, and are exceedingly juicy.
It's been a learning experience determining when a tomato of this
coloration is ripe. We began the learning curve when some simply fell
off, ripe, even though their shoulders were slightly green.

The Amish Past have started to come in, as well. We only have two
plants, but they are loaded, and the fruit have averaged over a half
pound apiece.

Yellow brandywine are over a pound a piece, but the production has been
light so far, and the fruit is marvelous!

Mortgage lifter gave us two last week, with about 4 ripening this week.
And Omar is not far behind, with numerous green globes ripening. Sure
makes me wish we had more room in our urban garden than just 2 apiece of
the heirlooms plus sungold!

I hope you all are beginning to enjoy your bounty, as well.

Van Nuys, CA