Re: [gardeners] The tomatoes have started rolling in!

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 10:55:11 -0600

Ron, cup your hand under the tomatoes and gently squeeze with your palm. 
Ripe heirloom tomatoes are a little soft and velvety feeling. Keep 
practicing, and you'll be able to feel ripeness by stroking with your hand. 
I love the Black Krim too. Glad you're having a good harvest. The Amish 
paste are great for salsas, too.  Margaret L

At 08:20 AM 7/10/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Good morning, friends.
>This past weekend we harvested a goodly number of sugar-sweet Sungolds
>and Yellow Pears, which are two of the sweetest tomatoes we have ever
>tasted. We probably got a good quart from the 4 plants, with many
>flowers and maturing fruit still left:)
>The real star of this year's show, so far, is Black Krim. The plants are
>simply loaded with half-pound and larger fruit. The ones we have enjoyed
>so far are a wonderfully unique salty-sweet, and are exceedingly juicy.
>It's been a learning experience determining when a tomato of this
>coloration is ripe. We began the learning curve when some simply fell
>off, ripe, even though their shoulders were slightly green.
>The Amish Past have started to come in, as well. We only have two
>plants, but they are loaded, and the fruit have averaged over a half
>pound apiece.
>Yellow brandywine are over a pound a piece, but the production has been
>light so far, and the fruit is marvelous!
>Mortgage lifter gave us two last week, with about 4 ripening this week.
>And Omar is not far behind, with numerous green globes ripening. Sure
>makes me wish we had more room in our urban garden than just 2 apiece of
>the heirlooms plus sungold!
>I hope you all are beginning to enjoy your bounty, as well.
>Van Nuys, CA