[gardeners] OT clueless newbie buying high-end TV

Bob Kirk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 18:11:56 -0500 (CDT)

  Because these are the largest groups I have access to that will tolerate
stuff like this. Back-channel replies welcome - what I'd most like to find
is a mailing list or newsgroup where these questions are on topic, but
reference, deja, news.groups etc. aren't proving much help.

  For my mom, who really >needs< a new TV but isn't ever going to see any
benefit from a fully "digital-ready" set. Based on hours of looking and
websurfing, what model isn't in question - Sony Wega 24" or 27" (say Vega:
spelled otherwise for at least partly obvious reasons, but why didn't they
just call it Arcturus or something?).
  Anyway: is a second RF input worth paying $100 for a set with 2-tuner PIP
that will never be used? What criteria dictate that component-video inputs
(in addition to S-video) are worth paying the $150 or so difference for a
27" vs 24" set?  Near as I can determine these are probably the ultimate
expression of analog TV, but is there anything else in the pipeline between
these and digital that I might want to know about?


vaguely thinking he might be willing to bid the right set in at auction
so my sister gets her share of the estate (but hopefully by then it will
obviously not be worth doing).