Re: [gardeners] OT clueless newbie buying high-end TV

David G. Smith (
Fri, 14 Jul 2000 09:19:30 -0400

I can't answer your question but I'll tell you what my father-in-law (TV
repairman) told us when we were looking: buy the cheapest one that has a
picture you like.


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>   Because these are the largest groups I have access to that will tolerate
> stuff like this. Back-channel replies welcome - what I'd most like to find
> is a mailing list or newsgroup where these questions are on topic, but
> reference, deja, news.groups etc. aren't proving much help.
>   For my mom, who really >needs< a new TV but isn't ever going to see any
> benefit from a fully "digital-ready" set. Based on hours of looking and
> websurfing, what model isn't in question - Sony Wega 24" or 27" (say Vega:
> spelled otherwise for at least partly obvious reasons, but why didn't they
> just call it Arcturus or something?).
>   Anyway: is a second RF input worth paying $100 for a set with 2-tuner
> that will never be used? What criteria dictate that component-video inputs
> (in addition to S-video) are worth paying the $150 or so difference for a
> 27" vs 24" set?  Near as I can determine these are probably the ultimate
> expression of analog TV, but is there anything else in the pipeline
> these and digital that I might want to know about?
>   bk---
> vaguely thinking he might be willing to bid the right set in at auction
> so my sister gets her share of the estate (but hopefully by then it will
> obviously not be worth doing).