Re: [gardeners] This and that over the fence

penny x stamm (
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 00:26:59 -0400

George, we've been watching your weather -- as long as we
watch our own, many times a day -- and it does look as if you
will get more rain --  Hallelujah!  Lots of friends around here, 
and also the big New Jersey tomato growers, have fruit on
the bushes, all of which refuses to turn red!  

We almost have to swim across the lawn, the grass has grown 
so tall from the rain..  It's great for the evergreens and the
reservoirs, but not much else.  Last I saw we had received
8.79 inches of water. Atsa too much . . . 

What's a sweet kumkwat? 

Penny, NY

>a frame over a solid pane. It was much easier doing the master bedroom 
>door that faces west, big panes, easy to squeegee. Dreading tomorrow's 
>as I am doing the 36 inch by 72 inch dining room window - about 40 
>panes in all.
>We're already seeing a difference in how hard the air conditioning 
>system works
>in late afternoon though. Appears the bronze solar film in conjunction 
>with the
>drapes and/or venetian blinds does a better job than just drapes 
>Our next project is going to be farmed out to a professional though. 
>The front
>door and sidelight need replacing. I'm thinking of going with the 36 
>inch steel
>door with a sidelight that actually is a smaller door. Would give us a 
>60 inch
>opening on the front of the house. Handy for bringing in big stuff, 
>like the new
>cabinets we eventually want to get.
>Garden content is small, harvested a few okra pods and a lot of hot 
>chiles this
>afternoon. And, stand by, we actually have zucchini growing that isn't 
>attacked by squash borers. Only planted about a month ago so maybe 
>planting late
>is the answer. Of course I sprayed beneficial nematodes a few months 
>ago and I
>hope they're helping too.
>Yesterday and the day before we got 2.5 inches of rain and it has 
>already soaked
>in. Weatherman says maybe tomorrow we'll get some more. Come on rain.
>Oh yeah, checked my sweet kumquat bush planted last year and it is 
>loaded with
>young fruit and blooms. We might get enough this fall to eat all we 
>want and
>still have enough to make some kumquat wine or something.
>I'm falling asleep at the keyboard so goodnight to all.
>Life is good.

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