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George Shirley (
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 05:58:03 -0500

There are two types of kumquat, one is sweet the other is tart. A kumquat is a
very small, about the diameter of a quarter, citrus fruit that is eaten peel and
all. Very tasty.


penny x stamm wrote:
> George, we've been watching your weather -- as long as we
> watch our own, many times a day -- and it does look as if you
> will get more rain --  Hallelujah!  Lots of friends around here,
> and also the big New Jersey tomato growers, have fruit on
> the bushes, all of which refuses to turn red!
> We almost have to swim across the lawn, the grass has grown
> so tall from the rain..  It's great for the evergreens and the
> reservoirs, but not much else.  Last I saw we had received
> 8.79 inches of water. Atsa too much . . .
> What's a sweet kumkwat?
> Penny, NY
> >a frame over a solid pane. It was much easier doing the master bedroom
> >patio
> >door that faces west, big panes, easy to squeegee. Dreading tomorrow's
> >project
> >as I am doing the 36 inch by 72 inch dining room window - about 40
> >panes in all.
> >
> >We're already seeing a difference in how hard the air conditioning
> >system works
> >in late afternoon though. Appears the bronze solar film in conjunction
> >with the
> >drapes and/or venetian blinds does a better job than just drapes
> >alone.
> >
> >Our next project is going to be farmed out to a professional though.
> >The front
> >door and sidelight need replacing. I'm thinking of going with the 36
> >inch steel
> >door with a sidelight that actually is a smaller door. Would give us a
> >60 inch
> >opening on the front of the house. Handy for bringing in big stuff,
> >like the new
> >cabinets we eventually want to get.
> >
> >Garden content is small, harvested a few okra pods and a lot of hot
> >chiles this
> >afternoon. And, stand by, we actually have zucchini growing that isn't
> >being
> >attacked by squash borers. Only planted about a month ago so maybe
> >planting late
> >is the answer. Of course I sprayed beneficial nematodes a few months
> >ago and I
> >hope they're helping too.
> >
> >Yesterday and the day before we got 2.5 inches of rain and it has
> >already soaked
> >in. Weatherman says maybe tomorrow we'll get some more. Come on rain.
> >
> >Oh yeah, checked my sweet kumquat bush planted last year and it is
> >loaded with
> >young fruit and blooms. We might get enough this fall to eat all we
> >want and
> >still have enough to make some kumquat wine or something.
> >
> >I'm falling asleep at the keyboard so goodnight to all.
> >
> >Life is good.
> >
> >George
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