Re: [gardeners] Gazpacho

penny x stamm (
Tue, 8 Aug 2000 02:27:43 -0400

George, my two gazpacho recipes do NOT call for garlic. Does
Miz Anne use a little or a lot?  

Next week I'm gonna try Morton's.  As long as I am allowed
modest amounts, I do prefer using at least a little. 

The last things all people can taste, as they get old, are salt,
sweet, sour and bitter -- but no flavorings at all. That translates
into please don't give me anything which is very salty, very sweet, 
etc......  It knocks me over!  Today I discovered that I could no 
longer taste the curry in the curried zucchini soup I made. Last 
year I certainly could!  I shall have to make tandoori chicken at 
the end of the week, and see if I cannot taste that either...  that
will be a very sad day.  My told me years ago that
my taste loss came from some virus I had had.  It never came

Tonight we took one daughter and her beau to a Brazilian 
bar-b-q restaurant where they put out about 40 salads, and come
to the table with 9 varieties of meat on skewers, eat all you want. 
On this night they had barbequed a whole pig, and also some
fresh salmon and fresh white fish.  On the sideboard they had
fried calamari with sauce on the side, kangaroo stew, venison
stew, two fish dishes, two kinds of soup, mashed potatoes and 
gravy, and two types of rice. It's an experience not to be

However, all the Brazilian bar-b-qs are not equal. There's
a poor one in Portchester, NY, and a poor one in Teaneck, N.J,
for instance.  There's a good one in Hartsdale, NY, and another
good one in Los Angeles!  One never knows until one tries.
I happen to be a vinegar freak -- I simply adore anything pickled. 
Therefore this style of Brazilian place suits me very well -- many, 
many of their salads are vinegared.  But just as soon as we sat
down, both my daughter and her boyfriend reached for the salt
shaker, without even tasting the food, and LOADED it on.  Then 
my hubby wanted more salt. I thought they were all insane -- but
I do have to remember that my taste buds are skewed -- and a
little salt or sugar, as I had mentioned, goes a long way. I have no
idea how I can get away with the vinegar -- it also should be a
problem, but just isn't.  

Holy Toledo -- I have to get up in 3 hours!  'Night, all!


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