[gardeners] OT how to sell ?antique furniture?

Bob Kirk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 23 Aug 2000 23:54:59 -0500 (CDT)

Specifically, a "wave-front" chest 45"H x30"W x21"D (114x76x53cm) - Reddish
to deep-blonde wood with prominent darker grain, four lower drawers + two
top half-drawers. Basic wood slides, not "modern" construction anyway.
   Something my mom picked up at auction years ago - but I can't imagine
a house without built-in furniture (or at least built furniture, with the
possible exception of basic chairs and a fullscale recliner or two).
  Anyway, I pretty much use that kind of stuff from one laundry basket to
another: not difficult when you wear shoes & socks only when the snow comes
over top of the Tevas (original thong style; betcha didn't even know they
still made those), and seldom wear underwear (...oops) except with the
supremely comfortable cutoffs where you've got to.... Oooh, baby! Umm, hey,
just don't hang that over my >toothbrush<, OK?

  Heh. Anyway, I really don't have or foresee a whole lot of use for this
thing, and (actually inching closer to a house with >real< furniture),
could use any $$$ it might be worth.
   Do I look in the library? Find a website? Ask a dealer or more likely an
auctioneer? Or does someone know for sure that these are so totally generic
that you just advertise them for some likely percent more than a similarly-
sized chest in the Penneys catalog.  TIA for any help.