Re: [gardeners] Heat wave

penny x stamm (
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 13:30:53 -0400

Lucinda, I do own a food processor, but it seems that I only use it
once a year, when I make wonderful potato pancakes by the
dozens, for the freezer. I also do have a cake mixer -- what are 
they called? -- but that only comes out of the closet when there
is a state occasion to bake for. I have a hand-held electric 
beater which is used for whipping one or two egg whites. And then
I have a new toy which my daughters gave me last Xmas:  it is a
Borner (Germany) V-slicer mandoline from the Chef's Choice catalog.
Sensational slicing and shredding, effortless . . . . and so compact,
and easy to clean!  It will cut french fries, dice, shred, jilienne,
slice --
and you are not limited to the narrow pieces which the electric food
processor demands. 

On the other hand, for those wonderful potato pancakes ....  I stick a
potato or onion in the machine, press hard once, and within 3 seconds
I have a shredded product all ready for me.  Can't beat that!  I rarely
utilize the machine for its other potentials, such as making meat loaf
or whatever..  I guess I hate to wash the big machine, and have all those
sections of equipment cluttering up the place while they dry. And I don't
have room to leave it out on the counter, so it becomes a burden to get
the heavy machine over to the working area. 

Chaque'un a son gout . . .

My food processor is a Braun; my mixer is a Kitchen Aid -- both are

Penny, NY

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