Re: [gardeners] Kimchee

penny x stamm (
Sat, 2 Sep 2000 01:30:45 -0400

Interesting, Craig, that you would try to stir the kimchee. I have 
never made it myself, but we eat a lot of Korean food, and the
pickled products I pick up from the local Korean Convenience
Store.  The kimchee and the pickles (called 'oy', for cucumber)
are put up in very full, tightly sealed glass jars. They are labelled
and dated by mama/papa, and then placed in the showcase
refrigerators, in pints, quarts and gallons. 

The longer they sit, the hotter they become. Being a Damyankee,
I'm not into habaneros, but I do appreciate the early stages of
their hot peppers. The beautiful part about their oy pickles is 
that they are NEW pickles, not sour or half sour. I'd sell my soul
for a real old-fashioned NYC deli NEW pickle, and these come 
about as close to it as I have found.  I have to plan on eating them 
all up relatively quickly, mind you, or else they get so hot that I
burn my mouth after a week.

My son-in-law, good old Chicago stock, can eat any kimchee
you want to give him, bless his heart.   And I have one daughter
who snacks on pickled jalapenos from out of a gallon jar on top 
of the fridge, whenever she gets hungry...  She learned that also
in Chicago -- they used to go out for dinner every night about 
9:00pm, after work and the gym, to their favorite Mexican
bistro where they probably scrubbed the floors every day with
hot peppers, for their food surely could peel paint . . .    

Penny, NY    

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