Re: [gardeners] Kimchee

penny x stamm (
Sat, 2 Sep 2000 23:29:27 -0400

>we used to get something in north Africa we called 'Biology 101 
final exam review stew'...identify it and you don't have to eat it.  
This dish made eyeballs look good.>>>>>

Sounds like it would have been fine on The Survivors . . .. 

>We used to buy heart when I was in university - cheap source of 
>protein. After all the Mercury scares I have less of a taste for 
any organ meat or fresh water fish.

It just so happens that we are hearty eaters, favoring foreign
foods, and have never worried at all about cholesterol, salt, or
whatever grabs the public every so often. And it is our good
fortune that both of us have excellent cholesterol counts. The
only thing which stopped me short was last year's poisoning
of all the lobsters on the east coast.  We abstained for a year.
Now we are confronted with a blue crab poisoning in this
area -- the government is being sued by the fishing brotherhood
which claims that it is the spray being put out to combat the
West Nile mosquito.  That makes no sense to me at all, but
I certainly will avoid the crabs for a while.  

Never a dull moment, is there?

Penny, NY

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