[gardeners] Re: Heat wave

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 2 Sep 2000 23:14:45 -0400

Yes, Ron, I know the thrill my stepmother gets when she walks 
outside every morning to pick her grapefruit,  over in Rancho
Mirage. And she keeps about 35 roses too, which never suffer
the way mine do, in this more moderate climate. 

>Several neighbors have peach trees, ones that require very little 
I had no idea that peach trees needed chilling. There must be a
horde of horticultural  information which never passes by my eyes,
considering that everything our Cooperative Extension concentrates
on is zones 5 to 7 . . .  with some info on zone 4, which is New York
State up near Canada. 

>Our witheringly hot, dry summer has been hard on  Amish Paste, 
Omar's Lebanese and Mortgage Lifter;  Caesalpina pulcherrima, 
sometimes called Barbados Red Bird of Paradise ...>>>>>>

OK, sir, what are they...???

Pears with garlic and basil...? I cannot picture that. I made chicken 
with pears and a French dressing last night, and Jimmie turned
his nose up at it. Most of us are really creatures of habit, aren't we? 

My #2 adores macadamia nuts.  They are always in her Christmas
Care Box, for sure.  Sounds like a beautiful tree!

We used to have, long ago, two sweet cherry trees, a 5-in-1 apple
tree, a peach, a nectarine, a dwarf pear, grapes, raspberries and
blueberries.  We could not get any of the kids interested in the
project, and so little by little, we are left with just raspberries.

Penny, NY  

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