[gardeners] kimchee, Pine, unsubscribe (no time, sorry)

Bob Kirk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 3 Sep 2000 00:38:18 -0500 (CDT)

And why >can't< I edit (remove) the accidental attachment number without
starting over? This makes even less sense than not being able to pipe
incoming posts to separate folders.... if the Pine wizards had devoted as
much time to the latter problem as they had to explaining on comp.mail.pine
why we CAN'T (or adding features that impress nobody but other Unix jagoffs
who already know how to use some hardened version of procmail to do this),
Pine would >own< eMail.
  Also forwarded to comp.mail.pine and UWashington Pine Central.

   Actual content: 

> Trying to find something to use my Habaneros in. Found a recipe for
> "Flaming Habanero Kimchee" on the web. If you've never had kimchee, it's
> like rotten cabage with cayenne pepper. I first had it in a Korean
> resturant. The story goes: every Korean has a gallon jar out on the back
> step "fermenting".
  Excuse me, but kimchee is _fresh_ "hot" pickled cabbage. I once bought a
squat pint-or-so jar of what you're talking about at the local food co-op
in its earliest years (founding member, FWIW). The probably hand-blown jar
will no doubt fetch a few bucks at auction out home, but the foul, pasty
contents was about as edible as thousand-year-old eggs.
  If the local international (largely Chinese) foods store was open I'd
drive over and buy a gallon and get you a brand name ... some are better
than others and this isn't as good as the stuff they used to have, but by
no means "rotten." Radish kimchee is also commonly available. but while the
pickled daikon themselves are really tasty the accompanying foliage is an
acquired taste at best.


Korean, eh? Always wondered if even one Hamburger Hill was worth saving a
pissant excuse for a country that til 1992 or so ago was indistinguishable
from "the enemy" except that they ate better (relatively speaking) and had
Gold Star, Daewoo and Hyundai listed on the stock exchange.


Taking pity on the ROTC jocks out jogging in 109F temperatures the other
day (19% RH - I >love< this weather but realize most don't), wondered why
they don't just call in the Navy and Air Force to do it for them like in
the last two wars we actually >won<.