Re: [gardeners] Re: Heat wave

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 03 Sep 2000 07:43:37 -0600

At 08:46 AM 9/3/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a peach called Floraglo, developed by the U. of Florida. Takes only 150
>hours at 45F or less to set fruit. Planted the thing in February 99 when 
>it was
>about 3 feet tall, set and produced a few peaches that April. In spring of 
>year it had reached 10 feet or more and set lots of peaches but we lost 
>them to
>the drought. I'm looking forward to next year as I am paying particular
>attention to its water requirements now. Will prune it back to a 
>manageable size
>this fall too.
>Ron, we grow the Yellow Pear tomatoes and love them. One of the best tomato
>tastes we've had in years and a bounteous producer. Two or three plants 
>all the tomatoes we can eat out of hand and I put up several quart bags in the
>freezer for later cooking.
>What does a macadamia nut taste like? Don't believe I've ever eaten one except
>in a macadamia nut cookie and they tasted like cookies.
>George, enjoying a decompressing Labor Day weekend.
They're wonderful, George. A lot softer than almonds, and have a special 
subtle flavor of their own. You need a steamroller to shell them, though. 
Sledge hammers bounce off. Margaret L