Re: [gardeners] Kimchee

penny x stamm (
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 00:03:29 -0400

I'm all for the crab gumbo, George -- usually make a jambalaya
once the weather gets cold.  I picked up a quart of home-made
'She-Crab Gumbo' at Stew Leonard's in Connecticut last week.
That's the unique giant food store we often take our out-of-town
guests to, because it is so jolly...  4ft tall puppets with make-believe
musical instruments sing to the kiddies all over the store, and the
cow moos at the push of a button, milk is processed in front of
your eyes, and the bakery smells divine...  

But 'She-Crab Gumbo' -- do you think they actually segregated the
crabs, George...?   Shades of Porgy & Bess . . . . 

I don't fix the lobsters at home.  We have a seafood place nearby
which periodically offers a complete fresh lobster dinner for $9.95
in the slow restaurant season, and we grab it. 

Penny, NY

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