Re: [gardeners] wild turkeys?

George Shirley (
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 07:48:28 -0500

Okay, here goes. Wild turkeys run in size from 48 inch tall males to 36 inch
tall females. The young turkeys should be about 2 foot tall at this time of the
year. The white you saw was probably the backs of their heads. Turkeys don't
have a coxscomb, they have red wattles hanging down their front from their
heads. When walking, their normal mode of getting around, their feathers are all
swept back. The body feathers are normally black or brown with an iridescent
sheen when they are in sunlight. They may well have been a small flock of males
who hang together for part of the year, the part that doesn't include breeding

Dollars to donuts they were wild turkeys, your area is within their range.


penny x stamm wrote:
> I don't know what a wild turkey looks like, but these
> fellows were larger than any ordinary turkey. I did not
> notice a red cockscomb. I did see some part of the head
> was white. They did not carry their tails erect like a
> peacock -- all the feathers were swept back.
> They walked calmly, and did not hop. Bodies were rather
> low to the ground. Definitely NOT emus.
> Penny, NY
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