Re: [gardeners]hello all (
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 12:02:19 EDT

<< Hey, you're back!  Hope your vacation was a happy one.  Best regards, 
Margaret L>>

Thanks Margaret,
Daughter and I came back 5 days early as we were bored.  They take 4 to 5 
hour siestas every day, eat loads of meat such as kidneys, intestines, heart, 
etc. at around 10:30 PM, eat very few veggies and don't use spices or 
herbs-just a little garlic.  

We thought Santiago was one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  We 
popped over to Mendoza, Argentina a lovely small town with tree lined 
streets.  I don't know how the people survive in Argentina, as their economy 
has been dreadfully inflated when three years ago they set their peso on a 
one to one par with the dollar!  Everytime you sat down at an outdoor cafe to 
eat a hungry child would come by and ask for food.  Those eyes just broke our 
hearts.  Of course we feed them!!!!! 

 People in Argentina and Chile were wonderful.  The best meal we had was in a 
Peruvian restaurant in Santiago, where they use a little Chile and herbs. 
Lovely civiche! The wines were twice the price of the same Chilean wines we 
can buy here in the US.  It seems the export wines are subsidized! 

 I was able to find a few seeds of interest:
Zapallo largo verde de Angola - a large interesting looking squash
Marglobe tomatoes from Holland, they are a cluster variety
Grandes Lisos tomatoes, smooth large globes
Aji Blanc - a popular white pepper w/no heat, but a nice flavor they use as a 
Aji Cacho de Cabra - Colorado Picante, but I have my doubts there will be any 
heat there

It was Spring and the flowers were lovely.  Shopping was limited to very 
crude handicrafts.  Guess I am spoiled by India, Thailand, France, Greece and 
Italy which are all favorites.  These were countries #35 and #36 for our 
daughter and our first venture to South America.  We slept a lot!

Good to be home, although Fall has certainly set in here in the SF Bay Area.


PS: My salsify which I planted in May is still so small.  I pulled up one to 
check and it is only 5 inches long and like a pencil.  Should I let it go 
through the winter?  I haven't grown salsify in so many years I can't 
remember.  I have planted both the French and Black Russian varieties.