[gardeners] Trees

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 23:10:28 -0500

The tree cutters came today about 6:45 pm and left at 7:35 pm. In that short
time they took two large oak trees, 24 inches at the point of the last cut, out,
and trimmed two 16 inch limbs off the tree that we saved. 

It was amazing to watch 5 men, two trucks, a portable crane, and a wood chipper
do all that work that fast. the chipper took limbs and trunks up to 13 inches
and diameter and chipped them into small pieces. Three men worked on the ground
trimming and chipping, one ran the crane, and one was up in the trees. It was
worth the money just to watch a well-oiled machine run. these guys did their job
without harming any of our shrubbery, young trees, or flowers planted in the
area. I intend to recommend them to any and all neighbors who need trees taken

the arborist who owns the outfit told me the two that had to be removed were
water oaks, a notoriously weak tree in the area, and that the big one we saved
by taking out two badly damaged large limbs was a cherry-bark oak. To me an oak
is an oak. Now my sapling sassafras tree has room to grow.

The main thing we have now is peace of mind. Two large trees that were dying and
had large limbs overhanging our home are gone. We mourn the loss of any tree but
these, unfortunately, had to go. Mother Nature had damaged them so badly three
and a half years ago that they were slowly dying. they provided no shade for our
home but they provide oxygen for us to breath, made a home for squirrels and
birds and provided something for the woodbine to twine upon. So long old trees.

They do have a useful afterlife though, the chips have gone to be compost
starter in a hazardous chemical bioremediation site.

George, up late for some reason