Re: [gardeners] Trees

penny x stamm (
Sat, 14 Oct 2000 00:21:05 -0400

George, in 50 minutes they did all that...???  

Could you place a call to the owner for me please, to ask
if they would care to come on up to New York, all expenses
paid...?  I'll throw in a ball game and a visit to the Empire State
building, plus a daytime cruise around Manhattan island with 
its 19 bridges and tunnels, if they like. 

Penny, NY

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000 23:10:28 -0500 George Shirley
<> writes:
>The tree cutters came today about 6:45 pm and left at 7:35 pm. In that 
>time they took two large oak trees, 24 inches at the point of the last 
>cut, out,
>and trimmed two 16 inch limbs off the tree that we saved. 
>It was amazing to watch 5 men, two trucks, a portable crane, and a 
>wood chipper
>do all that work that fast. the chipper took limbs and trunks up to 13 
>and diameter and chipped them into small pieces. Three men worked on 
>the ground
>trimming and chipping, one ran the crane, and one was up in the trees. 
>It was
>worth the money just to watch a well-oiled machine run. these guys did 
>their job
>without harming any of our shrubbery, young trees, or flowers planted 
>in the
>area. I intend to recommend them to any and all neighbors who need 
>trees taken
>the arborist who owns the outfit told me the two that had to be 
>removed were
>water oaks, a notoriously weak tree in the area, and that the big one 
>we saved
>by taking out two badly damaged large limbs was a cherry-bark oak. To 
>me an oak
>is an oak. Now my sapling sassafras tree has room to grow.
>The main thing we have now is peace of mind. Two large trees that were 
>dying and
>had large limbs overhanging our home are gone. We mourn the loss of 
>any tree but
>these, unfortunately, had to go. Mother Nature had damaged them so 
>badly three
>and a half years ago that they were slowly dying. they provided no 
>shade for our
>home but they provide oxygen for us to breath, made a home for 
>squirrels and
>birds and provided something for the woodbine to twine upon. So long 
>old trees.
>They do have a useful afterlife though, the chips have gone to be 
>starter in a hazardous chemical bioremediation site.
>George, up late for some reason

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