Re: [gardeners] OT Gas Prices

Shirley,George (
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 11:57:22 -0600

I'm 61 and willhave to retire one of these days. Seriously thinking piney woods,
earthshelter home, wood stove, wind and solar generation, water well drilled
inside the house for protection from weather. Of course I don't have the bucks
required to do all those things but it doesn't hurt to dream. I went out and
bought a lottery ticket today, something we seldom do. Maybe we can get rich
quick and thumb our noses at the poor people. Yeah, sure!


Ron Hay wrote:
> I hear you, George! My 82 y.o. mother in law in Chula Vista,CA, a suburb
> of San Diego, saw her electric rate more than double this summer. It
> made her worry if she could afford to cook meals!
> Ron